Thoughts on the words of two Christmas songs …

“He sing zuhl luv song a-zweego oo uhl l0ng oo-aw-kin nin nuh oo-in-tuhr oo-un-duhr-land”

Puzzled ?

We were ……. but not for long,

“Winter wonderland” – a fantastic arrangement by Leo Arnaud.


How about the traditional words for “Cherry Tree Carol” :


O then bespoke Mary, so meek and so mild,
‘Pluck me one cherry, Joseph, for I am with child.’

O then bespoke Joseph with words so unkind,

‘Let him pluck thee a cherry that brought thee with child.’

O then bespoke the babe within his mother’s womb,

‘Bow down then the tallest tree for my mother to have some.’

Then bow’d down the highest tree unto his mother’s hand:

when she cried, ‘See, Joseph, I have cherries at command!’

O then bespake Joseph— ‘I have done Mary wrong;

but cheer up, my dearest, and be not cast down.

‘O eat your cherries, Mary, o eat your cherries now;

o eat your cherries, Mary, that grow upon the bough.’

Then Mary pluck’d a cherry as red as the blood;

then Mary went home with her heavy load

The words in the arrangement by David Willcocks have lost a little of this naivety but the carol is still wonderful, nonetheless.