Autumn 2013

Charity concert in Bellhaven Church

Dunbar Choirs take their Audience on a Musical Journey.

Last Thursday, to a packed out audience at Belhaven Church, the choirs of Dunbar entertained and moved their crowd with an exciting musical journey from Broadway to Africa. The concert was a benefit for the Dunbar Rotary Club with the members of the Rotary going on to surprise with a flash mob for World Polio day. The evening was full of laughter and fun with the audience bopping happily in the pews and clapping along to the exuberant renditions.

Dunbar Choral opened the night with a medley from Oklahoma! followed by a set of songs from Africa by Dunbar Sings and this eclectic flavour continued throughout the evening with a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber and a journey into Traditional America. The evening was a real showcase of the diverse directions choral singing can take. Dunbar Choral and Dunbar Sings through their talent and dedication gave a truly unique and exhilarating evening. An event of many highlights including the deeply moving and transporting ‘Little Jazz Mass’, the songs of Ivor Novello, a heart stopping arrangement of Swahili song ‘Malaika’ and a stirring version of ‘Moon River’. A special mention should also go to the soloists Claire Burns and Martine McCluskie who inspired the audience with their obvious joy and soulful voices.

A great evening and well received by the enthusiastic audience who left excited about upcoming concerts and performances, a wonderfully attended local event but also, an inspiring and transporting one – who needs to travel to Broadway when you can get it all and more in Dunbar.

Review by Hannah Lavery