The Concert – a review

I really ought to have written something about the concert before now but better late…..

In the back row of the choir, we thought it went pretty well and we felt part of an exciting evening, particularly when the horns started playing just over our heads. It was a pity that we couldn’t see the soloists acting out their parts but we can’t be everywhere. At the end of the evening we went away with our heads spinning, smiling from ear to ear and humming some great tunes.

However, instead of reading my witterings, here is the review by John Cairns which we hope will appear in the Courier. It finishes –

The whole evening was a credit to all concerned, Vaughan Townhill, for not only putting together such an engaging programme but so effectively bringing together choir and orchestra with only one rehearsal together, the musicians for their essential contribution and the singers both solo and choir for lifting our hearts and minds as we whirled through such musical variety.

Well done everyone! See you after the summer.